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Gnomedex in three hours…

I have just come off the tail of an anti-virus vendor conference, which, in and of itself, was incredibily interesting. The people who make anti-virus software are smart. That’s not to say that they ar wise (although most of them are) or that their employers always behave in a smart fashion (attack ads targeted at competition, automatically charging renewal subscriptions, et cetera), but the folks who make the code—as well as reverse-engineer the bad guys’ code—are both passionate and thoughtful about their mission, and that’s a pretty powerful combination.
It is about three hours until Gnomedex kicks off. Originally started by Chris Pirillo as the companion technical conference to his Lockergnome electronic newsletter publishing empire and held in Des Moines, Iowa, the conference has kind of morphed into various discussions around the social uses of technology and demos of social software (RSS, blogs, OPML and so forth).  Of course, there still is quite a bit of technical content.  At last year’s Gnomedex, Microsoft gave their first public showing of Internet Explorer 7.0 beta’s RSS Feed support.  I’m sure Chris will have a few surprises up his sleeve for us this year as well.

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