Staying at the Edgewater for Gnomedex

I have stayed at the Edgewater Hotel twice now in Seattle, WA.  Usually when I’m in the area I end up staying at business hotels closer to Redmond, but the Edgewater is right next door to the convention center where Gnomedex is being held and, more importantly, it’s like staying on the set of Twin Peaks.  Complete with lots of exposed pine, flannel teddy bears and Wi-Fi, of course.  I had some problems with the Wi-Fi connection in the room (non self-inflicted), but it does reflect an overall trend of how the needs of leisure travellers and business travellers needs are less seperated than they used to be—I hope it isn’t because people are working through their vacations, though.
These days, is seems like everyone* travels with a notebook computer, even if they are on vacation.  If you’re flying these days, there’s always a rush to get space in one of the overhead bins when getting on the airplane.  It’s just one of the trends I’ve noticed over the past several years and hadn’t bothered to think much about—the reflections of a travel agent.
For this trip, I had to take two notebook computers with me, one for business and one for personal, and that’s one too many laptops to carry. There’s possibly a discssion there in the future as I figure out how to do more with less as I travel and balance the needs of privacy and security for both my employer and myself.
*And by everyone, I mean me.

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